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During the Second World War, after the US submarine Tiger Shark was ordered to perform a mission, on the way back, the crew was ordered to rescue three survivors, including a female nurse, from a sunken British ambulance ship. Unexpectedly, after the three of them boarded the ship, bad luck really came one after another. In addition to the failure of the submarine's equipment and failure to rise to the surface, and the German pursuers destroying the submarine, the entire crew faced a crisis of hypoxia. One after another, the crew began to have hallucinations, and the surviving survivors discovered it impressively. , it turned out that everything started from a big lie.
This terrifying underwater journey begins with a U.S. submarine called the Tiger Shark during World War II. The Tiger Shark was sailing in the Atlantic waters, and they had just completed a long and deadly mission on their way to their destination, Connecticut. On the way, the crew were ordered to rescue three survivors of a sunken British hospital ship, but to their great surprise, there was a female nurse among the survivors. The crew immediately remembered the old legend: the presence of a woman on a submarine would bring bad luck to the ship. Bad luck really came, the submarine broke down and couldn't float to the surface, the whole ship was facing the crisis of lack of oxygen; the contact with the headquarters was cut off, and no help could be obtained, the crew began to hallucinate, lose their minds, a bizarre incident It happened one after another. Just after the crew died one after another, several survivors worked hard to piece together clues to find a solution, and found that someone seemed to be hiding the terrible truth. (Updated after reading on December 22, 2013) The truth is that it was not the German submarine that the original captain sank at first, but the British James Ambulance. After the captain and three senior officers surfaced, they found out that the old captain wanted to save people, but if he did, the three The political future of the senior officers will be affected, and one of the senior officers is from a family in the navy. He didn't want to have a stain on himself, so he and other senior officers killed the old captain, and he became the new one because of the highest rank. The captain, rescued the remaining 3 people.
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  • Elza 2022-03-19 08:01:02

    David Ducey is a good screenwriter but not a good director, and this movie pales in comparison to the story he made.

  • Elza 2022-03-21 09:03:30

    Anticlimactic, otherwise it should be a good film.

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  • Brice: Try not to fraternize with the men. They can be a little... strange.

    Claire: Strange, as in superstitious?

    Brice: As in "strange."

  • Brice: Mister Loomis, where's our crew?

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