FLCL movie plot

2022-03-19 08:01
This is a story that takes place in a fictional city. On a very ordinary day, Naota and Mimi Mimi are together, and a strange woman suddenly appears - Haruko.
Naota, who was riding a motorcycle and collided with him, was rescued by Haruko's 'artificial respiration', and was immediately hit in the head by a guitar, which also opened the beginning of the story.
After that, some strange things continued to appear on Naota's head, but they were solved one by one under the attacks of Haruko and the first TV robot-Kenji that came out of Naota's head.
Especially in an emergency, Naota thought of the mysterious symbols that appeared on the head of his brother, himself or Kenji, which greatly increased his strength and broke through difficulties.
Later, it was discovered that Haruko came here to save her opponent and loved one, Yat. Later, there appeared an unidentified man who seemed to know Haruko very well-Ma Luoyu once wanted to stop Naota from helping Haruko, but in the end Naota still chose Haruko.
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  • Erica 2022-04-21 09:03:48

    Accept not. Science fiction is over, it's a bit ridiculous,,,, I think it's because I'm no longer youthful, and I really can't accept the madness of the electric guitar.

  • Garry 2022-03-19 09:01:11

    Gorgeous bad taste and sci-fi coat are still youth dramas about love and growth

FLCL quotes

  • Haruko: It's Manhattan style, see? Little Prince Curry goes to New York. Mild, for kids.

    Naota: Uaaahhh, it's spicy, I don't care if it goes to New York!

  • Amarao: That high school girl looked kinda sad. Seems like a little kindness might help, but you'd need some maturity to treat her that way.

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