Possession movie plot

2022-03-18 08:01
Roland Michel is an American scholar on scholarship, living in London, England, where he studies the famous Victorian poet Ralph Henry Ash - a man known for his joyous love poems everyone; Maud Bailey, a brilliant, but somewhat conventional, nerdy pedophile, and her subject, Christopher Lamotte, a contemporary of Ash but a little less famous poet.
According to the records in literary history books, Ash and Lamotte met only once at a dinner party in their lives, and have never had any contact since then. However, Michelle and Belle accidentally discovered two piles of love letters that had been sealed for a long time at the same time. These love letters proved that Ash, who already had a family at the time, and Lamotte, who was known as the "chaste old maid", were a couple. Secret couple.
In order to confirm this inference, Bailey and Michelle carefully studied every detail of the love letter, and followed the footsteps of the two poets from the old papers to the exotic secret trysts. Gradually, a century of love history is clearly displayed in front of the two scholars, and another legendary love of the modern era also slowly sprouts and grows up inadvertently. together   .
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  • Joaquin 2022-03-24 09:03:51

    The story is a little awkward, and the two story lines are awkwardly connected. It's unreasonable to force a bitter drama for no reason...

  • Elenora 2022-03-18 08:01:01

    Mr Knightley + Miss Lizzy, and Emma. The ending was kind of touching. How Lena Headey always plays Les.

Possession quotes

  • Maude: [the morning after they hooked up which Roland put a stop to] Okay, let's not beat the thing dead. It happened. We're both grown-ups...

    Roland Michell: Speak for yourself.

    Maude: I'd hate to see how you're like after you actually sleep with someone.

  • Maude: [they are standing on rocks in a river looking at a waterfall that Maude recalls in one of Christabell's poems that describes a cave behind the waterfall. Upon sharing that with Roland, he immediately starts taking his clothes off] I know this is an awfully repressed sort of English thing to say, but what the hell are you doing?

    Roland Michell: How else are we going to find out if there's a cave?

    [Dives into the water]

    Maude: [smiling, and speaking to no one] We could ask someone.

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