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2022-07-09 14:56
The protagonists in Don Roos 's works are usually insincere, like to control others and usually succumb to the temptation of some sidelines, but these characters sincerely long for love and acceptance, which makes the characters seem fresh and infectious and more real. The works written and directed by Don Roos belong to the kind of lesser and more refined. After his debut in 1998, "The Opposite of Sex" (The Opposite of Sex) was well received and was rated as one of the "Top Ten Gay Movies in the United States" at that time. It looks like a comedy, but it is actually a black satire that packs homosexuality, heterosexuality, and suspenseful topics. Only after laughing can you realize the mockery and ridicule of American reality. In 2000, Don Roos completed the romantic film "Bounce," starring Ben Affleck and Gwyneth Paltrow , which worked well.
This "Happy Endings" aims to uncover the veil of life's disguise and morality, and try to figure out the ethical relationship between love and family in an unpredictable story. "People are always trying to cover up their weaknesses and inadequacies, and no one wants to be looked down upon by others, so my protagonists generally have this disguised independence and confidence." Don Roos made no secret of his thoughts. The script is clearly structured in the eyes of Don Roos. It uses three separate stories to show the lives, love and families of ten different characters in American society. These characters have different personalities and different orientations, but they are all persevering in love, which is also the most real scene in the director's mind. Where there is love, there is sex. The topic involved in this film is relatively sensitive, but it has been restrained in the scale of shooting and production, avoiding excessive catharsis due to love.
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  • Nicky: I thought we had a moment there.

  • Jude: [singing] How lucky am I?

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