At Middleton evaluation action

2022-07-15 09:46
"At Middleton" tells a very beautiful and aspirational story, and the filming is also very fresh and elegant, which makes people feel happy from the bottom of their hearts. But the ending of the film is still unable to escape the tragic fate, and this contrast is hard to accept. ()
The film concept is very novel, so that the campus romance is no longer just the figure of young people, middle-aged people can also find that beautiful love in the campus. ()
Judging from the poster, the film seems to be a very boring soap opera, but when watching it, I realized that not only the hero and heroine in the film, but also the viewers will be attracted by the atmosphere of the film. ()
"At Middleton" is not so much a love movie as it is a movie that reminds people of love. () 
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At Middleton quotes

  • [first lines]

    Conrad Hartman: Dad, I caved on the shirt, I'm not wearing the tie.

    George Hartman: A young man in a tie makes a statement.

    Conrad Hartman: What, that my father dresses me in the morning?

  • George Hartman: Feckless? Let me guess, you're a high school English teacher.

    Edith Martin: Wrong. How 'bout you? Wait, let me guess, let me guess. Are you a Brooks Brothers model?

    George Hartman: I'm a cardiac surgeon. I was speaking with a patient.

    Edith Martin: Hmm, so you can fix a heart over the phone?

    George Hartman: Depends on the data plan.

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