At Middleton script change

2022-07-15 20:14
The script before the shooting of "At Middleton" was called "Campus Romance", but when director Adam Rogers saw the script, he felt that the plot of the movie was a bit cliché and thought that the script had no shooting value. When he was about to give up, screenwriter Glenn Deman He suggested that the protagonists of the story should be the parents of the children, which was the reason for the final film, but it was an unexpected success.
The producers and distributors disagreed over the film's ending, with Anchor Bay Films saying at one point that it would refuse to release the film if it didn't change the ending. The company believes the ending made the film "nondescript." But the final result has not been revised, and the ending of the film is of course the most unsatisfactory part of the public. 
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At Middleton quotes

  • George Hartman: Put on the tie or we're having a sex talk.

  • Edith Martin: [putting a third apple in her purse] I hear they keep the doctor away.

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