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2022-07-15 15:37
A story similar to an ordinary superhero, the boy revenge for his mother enforce justice on behalf of Heaven; act as. , but the director is committed to psychological thriller, delicately showing how the boy goes to extremes, revenge is darker and more depressing, but this In the end, the slaughter can be done without paying any price, and the ending is very happy. The film has a calm temperament, the characters are quite three-dimensional, and the performances of several actors are as stunning as the whole film. 
Plot passage:
1. It was revealed from the beginning that the protagonist could not see others being bullied, because he was bullied since childhood.
2. The protagonist's grades are very good, but he is taciturn and has read a lot of extracurricular books. Steve said that he didn't take a chemistry class, how to look at this, so he has a deep understanding of various drugs. . Of course, it also includes a lot of detectives, books on the mind, etc., and does a lot of sports, such as practicing boxing in the basement. Just to find out who he always thought murdered his mother!
3. Due to family reasons, the protagonist may be a little mentally ill or depressed, and he often takes certain pills.
4. The heroine spent two years just to send a murderous drug dealer to prison, and even divorced because of the drug dealer, but the drug dealer has been delaying the trial due to his relationship as a tainted witness, and even threatened the heroine to greet her child after she was released from prison .
5. The protagonist is thoughtful, and every shot is carefully planned. He also takes advantage of his freedom of access at the police station to find the criminal's file address from the computer. The first is a Pedophilia drug dealer who was killed seven years ago. The child was killed, but he went free due to insufficient evidence. This time, it was purely accidental. He shot and killed the drug dealer and got a gun!
6. Puncture the heroine to ask about the criminal situation
7. Use an unfamiliar mobile phone to call the prostitute, and give the prostitute some medicine ( prostitute thought it was vitamin C tablets from Jitou) to pick up the conflict with Jitou. Killing a criminal at home can also make eyewitnesses not testify, brilliant!)
8. The protagonist often thinks of his father beating his mother and himself, and there is always a shadow, because the old police officer said, "Can you imagine looking at his father's eyes every day and writing betrayal". Here I have to say that the detective is under the command. If it is not for him, the protagonist will be caught no matter how powerful he is. .
9. The hateful thing is that there is a scene in the middle of vilifying the Chinese people.
10. On the protagonist's birthday, he learned that his father's nickname was Iron Fist. On the night of the incident, someone called his father Iron Fist, and thinking of his father's expression in the cake shop, he went to the cake shop that night and saw photos of his father and the criminal (The bloodstains at the scene can be proved) It all went well, and the policewoman also came over, knowing the truth, the protagonist knew that the house in 2014 was bought by his mother's life, and the hired murderer Childs killed his father.
11. In the end, because his father did not admit that the killer was Larry in the photo until his death, the protagonist found an old police officer to discuss and came up with a method. Both black and red stamps are painted with that kind of poison, no matter which one is attached. Can make criminals deadly, say, in prison, what else can you find other than saliva to stick envelopes for you? ?
12. The heroine finally did a favor and threw the gun into the water (there were no witnesses and the hero was not guilty of killing his father with the murder weapon), and Childs was only sentenced to two years. In court, Childs threatened to come out After greeting the hostess's child, the hero finally lived in the 2014 house left by the mother to start a real new life.
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Boy Wonder quotes

  • Amanda: How come I've never seen you around these things before?

    Sean Donovan: Well, I've been pretty busy, hitting the books a lot.

    Amanda: Looks like they've been hitting back. That's a serious bruise you have right there. What happened?

  • [last lines]

    Sean Donovan: [in his letter] All I want is the truth. Truth, and I will stay quiet for the rest of my life. I've provided you with a safe way of answering me. I've included a return envelope, and two stamps. Place the black stamp on the envelope if me father is guilty, the red stamp if he is not.

    Larry Childs: [licks one of the stamps and puts it on the envelope]

    Corrections Officer: [collecting the mail] Childs...

    Sean Donovan: I implore you to help me in this matter, as it would be hard for me to continue to forgive you if you do not. I wish you well, Mr. Childs. Sincerely, Sean Donovan.

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