Attack on Titan Part 1 background creation

2022-03-30 08:01
The original author , Isayama Hajime , has been involved in the production of the film from the beginning of the film's planning. 
The "Attack on Titan" live-action movie was filmed on Hashima Island in Nagasaki City, which is known as "Battleship Island". As Gunkanjima conducted a survey from summer to autumn of 2014 to apply for a World Heritage Site as "Meiji Japan's Industrial Revolution Heritage", Nagasaki City approved the filming on the condition that it would not interfere with the survey.
In November 2013, the filmmakers expressed interest in shooting locations on Hashima. The Nagasaki Prefecture Tourism Federation, which cooperates with the filming, believes that "the aging island buildings are close to the image of a city that was deserted by the attack of giants", while the city of Nagasaki asked not to carry out destruction of buildings, etc., which would damage the image of the island. shoot. 
The live-action filming of Attack on Titan was announced on December 8, 2011. The original director Tetsuya Nakajima announced his resignation in 2012, causing the project to be shelved and restarted at the end of 2013. The director was replaced by Shinji Higuchi, who filmed the movie "Japan Sinks". 
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