Attack on Titan Part 1 evaluation action

2022-03-30 08:01
The film has been criticized by the fan community for adding a lot of original content. Japan's Yahoo Movie Channel gave it a score of 2.12, and more than half of the netizens gave it a minimum score of one star. The movie was criticized by fans for being too special. Director Higuchi's inappropriate remarks on Facebook have also been criticized. All of these may adversely affect the subsequent box office trend of the film.  
All the castings in the film were poor, but the one who was scolded the most was Mizuhara Kiko, who played the heroine Mikasa. Mikasa is a very popular character in the animation version. When she was a child, she witnessed the misfortune and cultivated a courageous style and strong martial arts in order to survive. She was taciturn but cared for the hero Ellen and her friends. character of. Mizuhara Kiko's appearance is completely different from Mikasa's style. What's even worse is that she played Mikasa in her girlhood as a cute girl with a pouting mouth and a grown-up Mikasa as an indifferent robot. Mizuhara Kiko, whose expression is as simple as acting, was sprayed into a sieve by the "giant fans".
The film can be called a specimen of negative scores on the adapted screenplay. The story of the anime version is well known, and the connotation of the story is no weaker than the so-called serious work. The live-action movie first changed the people inside the wall into lazy people who do not shed tears without seeing a giant and usually do not arm themselves. Secondly, Mikasa and Alan Ru's ambiguous relationship with sister and brother was added to the original character "Apple Man" to create a triangular relationship bluntly. At the same time, there are also scenes that increase the "selling point", such as fighting against giants while playing bed scenes in the ruins. It is no wonder that the audience scolded the plot of the film as a "Island Anti-Japanese War God's Drama" with no logic and countless thunder points after watching it. All the flesh and blood characters in the animated version were all played as fools in the live-action version.
The special effects in the film were complained that they were not even worth five cents, but at most one cent. In the film, a large number of giants break into the walls and kill scenes. Many scenes even seem to feel that giants and humans are not in the same scene. The level of special effects even includes Japanese special shots such as "Godzilla" and "Ultraman" in the early years. Film is not as good.  
The film has encountered a lot of turmoil since its launch. Fans of the original work believe that the plot does not match, the invited actors are not suitable for the role, the film is only 98 minutes long and is divided into two parts, and the money cheating atmosphere is obvious. The various hype that took place during this period also sparked a lot of backlash. Although the work won the first place at the box office in the first week of its release, it quickly dropped to fifth in the second week, and the score has deteriorated since then. The original publisher estimated that the work could earn at least 5 billion yen at the box office, but it seems that the final result may not even reach 3 billion yen.  
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  • Brenna 2022-04-24 07:01:26

    No wonder there is a lot of complaints... It's changed beyond recognition for the original party... The dwarf captain can't find anyone to play, the most unacceptable is that mikasa and eren will be strangers and have to get along with the captain... the first time eren becomes a giant The runaway section is the only one with a high degree of restoration in the whole film... The other characters are also more addicted to sasha, and the rest are poorly restored...

  • Aidan 2022-04-23 07:05:54

    The story is a little provocative and procrastinating... The footage is too dark.

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