Au hasard Balthazar evaluation action

2022-03-14 08:01
The donkey is naturally a line connecting the whole story, and all kinds of characters, even if they appear to be unrelated, will be related to the donkey.
Exchange: In addition to the donkey being the most frequently exchanged thing in the whole story, there are other scenes of various exchanges in Capitalist society . While exchange is inherently one of the most distinctive features of capitalism, Bresson is said to have always liked to criticize the depravity of people in his society due to money and the way capitalism works.
Mary's father: It can be said that the only positive character in the film, always insisting on his own principles, refusing to "materialize" the relationship between people, and finally died in depression.
Three great scenes: one is Mary and Gerald in the car, the erotic scene is perfect; the other is the scene where the donkey is led to all kinds of animals in the circus, which does not remind you of John Berger Speaking of animal gaze? Remember, this movie was before Berger wrote his book, it was great! Bresson produced a magical effect through the eyesight of animals, which is also one of his so-called pursuit of transform techniques! The last scene is the scene where the donkey dies on the hillside after being injured.
There is also an unforgettable scene: Mary spends the night at the merchant's house. At this time, she is no longer a girl, and can deal with the businessman on an equal footing. Through the mouth of the businessman, Bresson once again stated the essence of Capitalist society : money and exchange.
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  • Leo 2022-03-22 09:02:59

    Life is devastating, Balthazar doesn't understand this cruel world but he watches it all the time. 8.8 points★★★★☆

  • Cade 2022-03-26 09:01:14

    Sacredness is like a donkey, suffering from pain and suffering, with no control over fate, watching the chaos in the world (dealing with no cause, no effect and disorder). Schubert is good, but Bresson is not very good-looking.

Au hasard Balthazar quotes

  • Marie's mother: He is in despair. Comfort him.

    [Marie's father turns away]

    Priest: You must forgive. Everyone. Much will be forgiven you. You have suffered.

    Marie's father: I may suffer less than you think.

    Priest: [Reading] God does not foresake forever. He may punish, yet he will have compassion. H does not willingly afflict the children of men.

  • Marie: Don't you believe in anything?

    Merchant: I believe in what I own. I love money. I hate death.

    Marie: You'll die like everyone else.

    Merchant: I will bury them all.

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