Babylon A.D. behind the scenes gags

2021-12-12 08:01
  1. The script of the film changed the destination of the mercenary escort in the novel from Canada to China.
  2. The crew searched for suitable locations throughout Europe, but the progress was still affected by the warm winter weather during the shooting   . It was difficult to find a snow scene that could last six to eight days of shooting .
  3. At first, the production company really wanted to position the film as a dark action film, but taking into account factors such as the box office market, it adjusted and rated it as PG-13.
  4. Director Mathieu Kassovitz had planned to invite French actor Vincent Caso as the leading actor, but gave up due to the low budget of the film.
  5. The actor, Vin Diesel, was two hours late every day during the filming of the film. Director Mathieu Kassovitz was extremely dissatisfied with this, and the relationship between the two was very tense   .
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Babylon A.D. quotes

  • Toorop: Look lady, I'm just a delivery boy and to me you're just a package. I'm not your friend, I'm not your brother, I'm not your boyfriend. In six days I'm gonna deliver you and never see you again. Sister Rebecca is right, we shouldn't even talk.

  • Toorop: Oh, you're a disgrace to the profession. You're not a mercenary, you're a fucking terrorist. You need two things to live in this business, your balls and your word. You don't have either! You know the difference between you and me, Karl? I still got both.

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