Babylon A.D. evaluation action

2021-12-12 08:01
"Babylon AD" uses more fantasy elements, combined with a lot of actions and music, to introduce the audience into a nihilistic future world. The desolation created by the special effects of the film makes the audience feel as if they are really at the end of the world. The plot of the film is tortuous, quite "thrilling", and the ending is quite surprising   .
"Babylon AD" started off quite wonderfully, with a blockbuster style. When the train passes through the radiation area, the ruins, nuclear power plants, and the entire picture are very sensible in tones and scenes. The action and special effects scenes in the film were not disappointing either. The setting of the film was full of apocalyptic desolation. Several fighting scenes in urban lanes, audiences can see the wonderful performances of "parkour" experts in various environments .   
"Babylon AD" is not only scarce of science fiction elements, but the hastily ending ending is even more regrettable. As a commercial science fiction film, the world structure in the film should give people a feeling of surrealism, but it is a pity that the audience can hardly see the dazzling future technological elements in the film. The male and female protagonists playing Vin Diesel and Yeoh Choo Kheng rarely have the opportunity to show off their skills. There is only a snowmobile and two airplane battles in the film, which is somewhat new. Yeoh Choo Kheng is better than martial arts in Chinese dramas, but martial arts. Some people can't lift the spirit   .
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  • Toorop: Look lady, I'm just a delivery boy and to me you're just a package. I'm not your friend, I'm not your brother, I'm not your boyfriend. In six days I'm gonna deliver you and never see you again. Sister Rebecca is right, we shouldn't even talk.

  • Toorop: Oh, you're a disgrace to the profession. You're not a mercenary, you're a fucking terrorist. You need two things to live in this business, your balls and your word. You don't have either! You know the difference between you and me, Karl? I still got both.

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