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2022-04-05 08:01
The theme of the film is a bit old and even bloody. This kind of small and fresh story of sadness and joy has been shot a lot in Hollywood, but it has achieved a balance between lightness and heaviness in the hands of the director, and the effect is different from the American routine. The terminally ill girl's mental journey in the face of "love is coming", the emotional portrayal of mixed joys and sorrows, the heavy topic and the light narrative tone, make the plot full of unexpected tension. The mutual attraction between Mira and Moses in the film seems to be accidental, but it is actually reasonable, and the handling of their emotional lines is not sloppy. The most prominent is the performance of the heroine. There is a desperate expression in the comedy performance. The emotional interpretation of the great contrast makes the second half of the film full of tears. The director assigns subtitles to each scene - "Love", "The Most Beautiful Morning", "Romantic", etc. In addition to the humorous taste, it is also a point of interest .    
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  • Scarlett 2022-04-22 07:01:58

    Understanding and letting go should be the only way to accept a loved one leaving.

  • Darius 2022-04-24 07:01:26

    When death comes, we slowly let go of everything. After letting go of all confinement and restraint, you may face the next reincarnation calmly.

Babyteeth quotes

  • Milla: I'm going to enjoy becoming part of a sky like this, Dad.

  • Anna: This is the worst possible parenting I can imagine.

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