Swamp Thing movie plot

2022-06-28 12:34
It tells the story of Abby Arcane, a doctor from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, who went to a swamp in her home town to investigate a deadly infectious virus, but found something mysterious and scary in the swamp. Arcane, a smart, caring woman, meets scientist Alec Holland Let her meet a new world full of horror and supernatural powers , as well as the powerful and terrifying creature "Swamp Thing".
And Holland's research on the swamp led him to discover some secrets, which led to the dark forces attracting him, and he became the powerful hero Swamp Thing. The monster is doing his best to maintain the remaining humanity, and he must adapt to his new identity as soon as possible to guard the town and the natural world outside. 
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  • Greyson 2022-06-28 16:25:05

    The long-awaited DCU horror has been changed to a non-mainstream superhero comic. The first episode is a climax, the rhythm is tight, the atmosphere is weird and thrilling, the condition is quite good, and the five-star drama is watching, looking forward to the follow-up development.

  • Marcus 2022-06-28 16:49:28

    I just finished the first episode of raw meat, I feel good, the atmosphere is great, and the rhythm is fast, stop it first

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