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2022-03-11 08:01
Shane left his hometown of Burgundy ten years ago to travel the world. When he learned that his father was about to die, he hurried back to his childhood home. There he was reunited with his sister Juliet and brother Shelome. Their father died just before the grape picking season was about to start. In the year that followed, the three grown-up siblings regained their old brotherhood and relationship. As the seasons pass, their relationship matures in harmony, as rich and fragrant as the wine they make.
The main storyline revolves around three siblings from Burgundy, Jean (Pio Marmaï), Juliet (Ana Girardot) and Jeremy, who already have their own paths in life, but their father dies before the harvest season, leaving Jean They are reunited. The eldest son left his family ten years ago in order to escape the family responsibilities and the pressure of filial piety to his children. He eventually started a family in Australia and had his own winery. After his father passed away, he returned to France. During his father's illness, the second daughter, Juliet, ran the winery with the assistance of a family friend, Marcel, while the younger son, Jeremy, married a powerful winery daughter from a family. He had a father-in-law who looked down on him and was often angry. The three siblings are in a dilemma after their reunion, should they continue to operate the winery or sell it to pay the €500,000 estate tax? If sold, the winery will get about 6 million euros, which is a lot of income even after deducting inheritance tax, but giving up the family business makes them uneasy. In the next year or so, the three brothers and sisters shouldered the heavy responsibility of the family together, and turned the common love for this land and this vineyard into the driving force to overcome the distance between each other. Although there are still stumbles between the three due to distance and misunderstanding, they finally regain their long-lost affection   .
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  • Darwin 2022-03-11 08:01:05

    A movie I wanted to watch after watching Trailer. Around the family winery, we talk about wine and family. Not the first of its kind (grands crus in 15) but overall the best of its kind. Although the emotion of the Australian daughter-in-law makes me feel very guilty. I cried a bit during the jab at the hospital. The entire film is also showing the wine-making process, and the ten-month shooting is full of sincerity. Young actors look like adults. music is great

  • Cassidy 2022-03-11 08:01:05

    A warm family movie, a good partner with wine and cheese at the cinema! I feel that if it hadn't been for a part of the plot involving Tuao, it would be unlikely to see it so early. The interaction of the three brothers and sisters even shows a little bit of This Is Us. The faces of the elder brothers and younger brothers can be eaten~ But the emotional transition is very blunt, and the character design of the younger sister is a bit bad.

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