Enter the Warriors Gate evaluation action

2022-01-29 08:12
Warriors Gate is a unique blend of magical action and humor. In "Warriors Gate", there are no elements of yellow violence, but there are brilliant and eye-catching magic and hilarious fun. In addition to striving for strong audio-visual, the film also highlights the fun, making the film rhythm relaxed and allowing the audience to enjoy the entire viewing process easily and happily. In addition, the film takes adventures and monsters as the clear line, the character growth is the hidden line, and the double-line development enriches the story connotation of the film   .
The "Warriors Gate" movie builds a gorgeous and magical realm, and the characters are full of novel creativity and unlimited imagination. They fight fiercely in the virtual world and look full of game feeling. After the release, the game elements in the movie were prominent, bringing a different viewing experience to the audience   .
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  • D'angelo 2022-01-29 08:12:52

    It is obviously a Western fantasy film, and it is nondescript to have to add some so-called oriental elements. I haven't seen anyone with acting skills.

  • Ken 2022-01-29 08:12:52

    These ancient people spoke English really well. Okay, I'm joking, this movie is really inconsistent.

Enter the Warriors Gate quotes

  • Zhoo: [putting his sword to Jack's throat] Anyone who touches the Princess dies. That is the rule.

    Jack: No exceptions?

    Zhoo: There is no point in having a rule if you have an exception.

    Jack: Some... times... it's good to be a little flexible.

  • Su Lin: I'm hungry, Jack. Bring me swallow nest soup, mmm, roasted snail - the big kind - oh, and duck tongues in a hot chili sauce. Mm-hm.

    Zhoo: I'll see what I can do.

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