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2022-07-08 21:50
"Baran" is a work with a realistic style. The narration of the film is simple and restrained. The director strives to make the audience understand the suffering of the Afghan people and what is happening in this country in an unassuming expression. the catastrophic nature of the matter. He unleashes his power through a series of simple and ordinary events, in which he shows composure and sophistication, and moves the audience in a way that allows the feelings to accumulate bit by bit, so this is still a sad and moving film. And McGiddy puts a sense of humor and warmth into that sad mood. At the same time, his insight into the differences and collisions of the two cultures has become more mature. Although the film no longer has the rich and bright imagery of "Colors of Heaven", McGuiddy and his cinematographer have displayed a very good visual expression. His use of natural light effects is reminiscent of the masters of Italian neorealism, and the photographer surprisingly unearths color, beauty and poetry from the monotonous gray buildings (Netease Entertainment Review) .   
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Baran quotes

  • Afghan cobbler: A man alone is a neighbor of God.

  • Afghan cobbler: From the hot fire of being apart, comes the flame that burns the heart.

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