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2022-07-08 17:55
When the Soviet Union withdrew from Afghanistan in 1989, the country was immediately plunged into a chaotic civil war. Millions of refugees poured into neighboring countries, with Iran alone hosting more than 1.4 million. The younger generation of Afghan refugees was born in Iran, and their homeland is only a strange and distant name for them. They struggle in poverty, and most are limited to the hardest jobs for low wages - like construction.
Najaf, an Afghan worker hired by Foreman Mema, broke his leg. As the family's sole breadwinner, his injury undoubtedly put the family in trouble. Mema agreed to let his eldest son, Lemmett, take his place, and the emaciated young man bravely carried the burden. But Meima soon found that the boy was really not suitable for the physical work of carrying cement. When he saw the boy carefully setting the table, he decided to let Lemmett replace his nephew Latif in charge of the team's meals. This annoyed Latif, the rough young man who had always been so proud of his light work, and now he had to do a tiring job. Jealous of Lemmett's good fortune, he keeps interfering in his work, even sabotaging his kitchen. But soon he discovered the secret of the silent young man: it turned out that Lemmett was a girl whose real name was Baran. She had to disguise herself as a man in order to get a job and support her family.
This discovery shocked Latif, who saw in Baran the other side of life - the boundless poverty, suffering and struggle. He began to like this strong girl. He didn't reveal the secret to anyone, instead he was determined to do everything in his power to help Baran and her family. He first asked Mema for a salary that he had not received for many years, and asked a person to send it to Najaf in the name of workers' compensation, but the person who handed it over actually left with the money. In desperation, he had to sell his Iranian ID card and work hard to save up a fortune. He gave the money to Najaf, hoping to share the burden of life for the girl he loves. Najaf left Iran with his family and started a long journey back home. Latif rushed to see him off, knowing that there was an insurmountable line between him and Baran. At that moment of parting, Baran felt Latif's loving gaze, she raised her head, and slowly took off her veil   .
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  • Afghan cobbler: A man alone is a neighbor of God.

  • Afghan cobbler: From the hot fire of being apart, comes the flame that burns the heart.

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