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2022-03-24 08:01
"Bataille à Seattle; I exegersi; Battle in Seattle" has some of the same treatment as Paul Haggis' "Crash" - avoiding the stylized and didactic narrative tools when it comes to broad political themes , as well as eschewing disgusting affectation and squeamishness.  
"Bataille à Seattle; I exegersi; Battle in Seattle" is much better than "Bobby", which is also a group show, and can be compared with "Flight 93". The film effectively weaves together source material and fiction about the riot. The theatrical streak is heavy, but the approach succeeds thanks to a strong cast.  
The film does not convince the audience with the political significance and factual comments of the incident, but infects the audience with the impact of the plot, which is very rare in films that show the theme of political activities.  
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  • Annetta 2022-03-28 09:01:13

    Watching people fighting for freedom brings tears to their eyes... Just like what Vietnamese MM said, everyone seems to be stuck in their own place. So The battle continues!!!

  • Devon 2022-03-28 09:01:13

    In 1999, the WTO held a high-level meeting in Seattle. However, it was strongly protested and opposed by the local people. To be honest, it's a bit confusing. This is how people in different positions react differently to the same thing. Several famous movie stars acted as minor supporting roles in this film. Like Ray Liotta and Oscar winner Charlize Theron.

Battle in Seattle quotes

  • Django: Teamsters and turtles together! Come on, Teamsters and turtles together!

  • Jay: I don't blame you. I mean, I do, but... Shit, you're not the problem. You're just doing your job, i guess. The people I'm really trying to fight are the ones who destroy so much, and they hurt so many lives. Not just one. Literally, millions. And no one ever points a gun at them. You know, they just seem so, unaccountable. Untouchable. Just seems kind of fucked that you're... You and me are the ones that have to fight each other.

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