Battle in Seattle movie plot

2022-03-24 08:01
Every time the World Trade Organizationministerial meeting is held, it causes a series of troubles, and when world leaders gather to discuss global economic issues, there is always a large crowd of protesters outside the meeting. Some are shouting for an industry in their own country, most are anti-globalization people. However, under normal circumstances, although there are still minor riots at the protest site, the tone is still peaceful. Except for the Seattle conference venue in November 1999, the clashes between protesters and the police reached a fever pitch.
In November 1999, the Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization was held in Seattle, the United States. There were demonstrations there. Thousands of anti-globalization people joined in, trying to arouse the WTO's trade environment, labor standards, competition policy, etc. , called on the WTO to pay attention to issues such as the trade environment and labor welfare policies, and hoped that the WTO would further discuss the issue of raising labor standards.
In the crowd of demonstrations, the separate demonstrators Django, Sam, Louand Jayhave a common desire - to pass their own efforts to change the existing world. For all four, the opposition stemmed from strong convictions rather than political intentions.
Everyone originally planned to demonstrate peacefully to express their views. Unexpectedly, in the following five days, it turned into a full-scale riot and a conflict that spread throughout Seattle. The mayor of Seattle had to declare a state of emergency for the city and activate an emergency plan. The streets were chaotic, maimed, and the World Trade Organization paralyzed.
The citizens of Seattle are faced with a dilemma: whether to fight for democracy and freedom or to be a "peace warrior". The same dilemma lies in the besieged Seattle mayor Mayor Jim Tobin) who maintains order on the street. (Charlize Theronand his pregnant wife, Ella, their choices will change their lives forever, and their lives will change because of it, and it's impossible to go back. 
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Battle in Seattle quotes

  • Django: Teamsters and turtles together! Come on, Teamsters and turtles together!

  • Jay: I don't blame you. I mean, I do, but... Shit, you're not the problem. You're just doing your job, i guess. The people I'm really trying to fight are the ones who destroy so much, and they hurt so many lives. Not just one. Literally, millions. And no one ever points a gun at them. You know, they just seem so, unaccountable. Untouchable. Just seems kind of fucked that you're... You and me are the ones that have to fight each other.

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