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2022-07-13 16:11
Just like the young people in the film were immersed in the world at the beginning of the chaotic and even confused era, the film's director and star Ivan Grodel and his friend Tyler Dawson are all the first tastes of the big screen. By. But as a typical independent production, the film showcases the enthusiasm and unique ideas of young filmmakers with its experimental quality and appearance. The film is based on the influence of the popular speeding car of the Australian film " Mad Max " in the 1960s and 1970s, and it is peeped from an almost "fuzzy" but sharp perspective. The young people in that era were dreaming and feeling, sexual fantasy and emotional impulse, Even all kinds of hot and real moves under the intense growth momentum.
Although the film was produced and performed by a group of new filmmakers, it showed rare maturity and excellence. The film met with audiences at the sundance film festival in the United States , the Southwest Film Festival and the Nashville Film Festival at the beginning of the year, and received strong reviews both inside and outside the industry. It was well received, and thus won the opportunity to limit the release in North America. It is believed that the film will be another favorite of young movie fans who advocate niche and ideological trends.
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Bellflower quotes

  • Aiden: Your car is really bad ass dude. We could just get in the car, put the flamethrower in the trunk, leave town. Do you know how awesome it would be if we like went to some small town and went to one of the local bars, pulled up in that car? People would be like 'Holy shit, who are these guys?' and we would be like 'Come outside and take a look at our flamethrower". Dude, I don't think you realize how cool your car is. I'm fucking serious though dude. We could take the flamethrower and guns and get a shit load of drugs and liquor and put them all in the trunk and just fucking go... can you imagine two sweet ass dudes like us in that car traveling through the desert across America. We would look so fucking cool. We could go places and park the car where we know we look cool... Hang out smoking cigarettes, leaning against the car looking cool and let people look at us. Get fucking get trashed on drugs in the middle of nowhere and drive 150 miles an hour naked down the freeway while we hang out the window shooting shotguns at freeway signs and fucking historical landmarks and fucking jack rabbits. DUDE, we could make some fucking jack rabbit jerky and jack rabbit shoulder pads for our new leather jackets. Dude, you are like lord humungous. You are fucking lord humungous! You are lord fucking humungous... the master of fire, the king of the waste land. Lord Humungous doesn't get cheated on by some stupid bitch. Lord humungous doesn't say 'was it good for you?'. He doesn't say 'who called?' or 'Where were were you last night?', and he doesn't leave the fucking gang when he falls in love. Nobody fucking tells Lord Humungous what to do. Lord Humungous fights when he wants to fight and fucks when he wants to fuck and when all else fails he drives straight into the fucking tanker. The thing is, is that Lord Humungous dominates his women and they fucking love him for it. Seriously, we should get out of here. We should get away from all of this shit... make new friends and meet people and stuff.

  • Milly: Dude, it's like a James Bond car for drunks!

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