Wuthering Heights production and distribution

2022-07-13 22:40
The United States of America USA January 18, 2009
The Kingdom of Belgium Belgium 23 May 2009
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland UK 30 August 2009
The Republic of Finland Finland October 14, 2009. (DVD premiere)
The Kingdom of Sweden Sweden October 21, 2009. (DVD premiere)
Commonwealth of Australia Australia October 25, 2009. (part 1)
Commonwealth of Australia Australia November 1, 2009. (part 2) 
Independent Television (ITV) [United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland] (2008) (UK) (TV)
Atlantic Film (2009) (Finland) (DVD)
Eén (2009) (Belgium) (TV)
IPA (2010) (Taiwan) (all media) 
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Wuthering Heights quotes

  • Cathy: Perhaps your fortune has changed you.

    Heathcliff: Oh, my fortune has changed me in every regard. Except one. And if I could change that too, I would do so.

  • Heathcliff: What's that? There's a look in your eyes. My God, I think it's guilt. You've been with him, haven't you? You've laid with Edgar, haven't you?

    Cathy: He's my husband.

    Heathcliff: As if your pretend marriage matters to me? How am I to look at you? How am I to touch you now that his milky feeble hands have held you as I'm holding you now, you disgust me.

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