Wuthering Heights movie plot

2022-07-13 17:57
Heathcliff, a gypsy orphan picked up from the street by Mr. Earnshaw, has been abused since childhood, but Catherine, the host's daughter, admires his wildness. As a teenager, Heathcliff ( Tom Hardy ) develops a strong love for Katherine ( Charlotte Riley ). But worldly hierarchies destroyed his love. Catherine is married to Lord Linton ( Andrew Clutterbuck Andrew Lincoln) of Thrush Manor. Heathcliff's intense love turned into an intense hatred of the outside world, which in turn turned into a ruthless revenge conspiracy. All love, all hatred, finally turned into a howling wind, passing over the lonely grave, blowing across the desolate wilderness. 
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Wuthering Heights quotes

  • Heathcliff: Going somewhere?

    Cathy: Where would I go, my love? It's raining.

    Heathcliff: Yet you have that silk frock on, my love.

    Heathcliff: Someone coming here, perhaps?

    Cathy: Perhaps.

    Heathcliff: Edgar Linton?

    Cathy: [freeing her head from Nellie's fussing hands] I said enough, Nellie... Let me alone!

    Heathcliff: [slowly walking towards Cathy] Three months ago we lay together yet since then every evening is spent with the Lintons!

    Cathy: Perhaps I find Edgar easier company. Perhaps he doesn't talk of curses and fall into a brooding silence.

    Heathcliff: So you dislike my company?

    Cathy: It's no company at all when people know nothing and say nothing.

    Heathcliff: [hurt, and giving away as much] Yeah... There. At last you said that I am no longer worthy of you.

    Heathcliff: [bitterly] I say, may you suffer for this.

    Cathy: [holding back tears] So I am cursed too, am I?

    Heathcliff: No, I am the one that is truly cursed. I was cursed the moment I laid eyes on you.

  • Heathcliff: Well, I must compliment you on your taste, Cathy. This is the slavering thing you would prefer to me?

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