Beloved movie plot

2022-10-25 10:42
The story takes place in 1873. Seth (Oprah Winfrey) was a black slave who suffered all kinds of inhuman treatment. In order not to repeat her tragic path for her daughter, she resolutely killed her. The eldest daughter who was just born died. Eighteen years have passed in a blink of an eye, and every black slave did not expect that the slave system was completely overthrown, and today they have become free people.
With their second daughter, Denver (Kimberly Elise), Seth settled in Cincinnati, where she and her friend Paul (Danny Glover) lived on the plantation. One day, a strange girl named Beloved (Thandie Newton) knocked on the door of Seth's house. She was bizarre and inarticulate. Seth took in the girl, and then all kinds of strange things happened to her one after another. around   .
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Beloved quotes

  • Amy Denver: A Nigger. If that don't beat all.

  • Paul D: Your love is too thick, Sethe.

    Sethe: Love is or it isn't, Paul D. Thin love ain't no love at all.

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