Billy Elliot movie plot

2021-11-16 08:01
11-year-old boy Billy Elliotis the son of a coal miner, grew up and his father, brother live in a small town in northern England. He has to go to boxing training class every week. One day, in the training class, he came in contact with the ballet, which US Huan exquisite artistic immediately fascinated him, and the boy also made strict ballet instructor Mrs. WilkinsonWaltersShe suddenly realized that Billy was a rare and talented ballet seedling. Mrs. Wilkinson has a sharp mouth and always holds a cigarette in her hand, but when she sees Billy has such a rare dancing potential, she also has a strong interest in him. She even gave up other female ballet disciples to train Billy wholeheartedly.
However, Billy is always something to learn ballet without telling his single fatherLewisand overbearing brother (Delavan). The wave of strikes at the mine made them struggling hard to get enough food. When they finally found out that Billy had wasted the tuition of boxing on an immaculate ballet, a family conflict inevitably broke out. Billy's grandmotherHaywoodalso disapprove of him to study ballet. Therefore, he can only find a little comfort from his good friend MichaelWells, which further deepens the friendship between the two.
At the same time, Mrs. Wilkinson also actively encouraged Billy to apply for the "Royal Ballet School" in London, where she believes that Billy can get better training and can completely get rid of the huge pressure of his family environment. However, Billy was caught in the contradiction between his responsibility to the family and the realization of his ideals, but he finally chose the latter because he could not resist his love for ballet. Ballet was his place and his destiny. Tie. 
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  • Louisa 2022-03-26 09:01:04

    It's so much better than a black swan. It's been a long time since a movie made me cry no less than three times, and the actors are full of positive energy.

  • Eddie 2022-03-26 09:01:04

    I'm going to jump into the grave!

Billy Elliot quotes

  • Billy: I don't want to do your stupid fucking audition! You only want me to do it for your own benefit!

  • [Billy falls to an opponent at boxing]

    George: Jesus Christ, Billy Elliot! You're a disgrace to them gloves, your father, and the traditions of this boxing hall!

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