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2022-04-15 08:01
The film attempts to restore an extremely important but extremely rare story background, using a rather western-style revenge story as a tragic entry point in Irish history. The opening is a world of famine, and the second half turns into a revenge scene with a wonderful gunfight. The thematic significance of the film goes far beyond the film itself   .
This film, which was accidentally made into a modern history science and education film, was made into a tough shootout film with classical aesthetics by LanceDaly with a rigorous attitude   .
The film is basically "first blood" in costume, only a little bit more delicate and entertaining. Granted, the historical predicaments of the Irish potato famine are real, but the film feels like a soulless remake of all the post-Vietnam action movies, about a tough guy lashing out at a rigid and inhumane military system. , the system took advantage of him and then abandoned him. The main difference is that First Blood and its sequels focus on the wars and political conflicts of the time, while the film follows a 19th-century Irish soldier attacking British soldiers, priests and officials who persecuted or murdered his family. The film never fails to surprise audiences, which is a shame because it's set so captivatingly   .
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  • Eliezer 2022-04-18 09:01:20

    The atmosphere created in the front was very cold and bleak, and I didn't expect it to be a melee in the end. Maybe because he has an unattractive actor's face, the heels are really pleasing to the eye among young actors.

  • Angelo 2022-04-21 09:03:53

    Emotionally too restrained, even though the blood is not cold, emotionally too alienated, especially the moment Barry Keoun raised his gun, without the scorching heat of the anger caused by injustice sweeping the screen, everyone is like a humid winter. Speechless gunpowder. If you don't have the fetters of "The Wind Blows the Rice Waves", why not let go of your hands and feet and kill the Quartet?

Black '47 quotes

  • Hannah: He pulled me out of an ambush. Just outside of Kabul. I thought I was finished. He was the best soldier I ever met. He never fought for the Queen though, just for his mates. Fucking Irish.

  • Feeney: They sent *you* to get rid of me?

    Hannah: Yeah. They can't afford to have one of their own, someone they called a hero, turn against them.

    Feeney: They never called me a hero. Only you. I was just your faithful Mick.

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