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2022-04-15 08:01
The film attempts to restore an extremely important but extremely rare story background, using a rather western-style revenge story as a tragic entry point in Irish history. The opening is a world of famine, and the second half turns into a revenge scene with a wonderful gunfight. The thematic significance of the film goes far beyond the film itself   .
This film, which was accidentally made into a modern history science and education film, was made into a tough shootout film with classical aesthetics by LanceDaly with a rigorous attitude   .
The film is basically "first blood" in costume, only a little bit more delicate and entertaining. Granted, the historical predicaments of the Irish potato famine are real, but the film feels like a soulless remake of all the post-Vietnam action movies, about a tough guy lashing out at a rigid and inhumane military system. , the system took advantage of him and then abandoned him. The main difference is that First Blood and its sequels focus on the wars and political conflicts of the time, while the film follows a 19th-century Irish soldier attacking British soldiers, priests and officials who persecuted or murdered his family. The film never fails to surprise audiences, which is a shame because it's set so captivatingly   .
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  • Charlie 2022-04-19 09:03:20

    I like this kind of cold and slightly poignant style, but the plot is really simple, resistance + hero's heartfelt sympathy + the shining point of human nature, it's a bit sad.

  • Roy 2022-04-16 09:01:09

    It takes some basic understanding of British and Irish history to read the precise restoration of events, the antagonism between cultures, and even the budding of national awakening from a seemingly simple revenge thriller western. The performance of a group of powerful British film industry actors is itself a testimony to the best British-Irish relationship in history today. Stephen Rea's Conneely, an Irish peasant on the fringes of the imperial order, heralds the nation's final independence seventy-five years later with a cold and alienated participation; while Hugo Weaving's Hannah, the fallen hero of the rebellious empire It was difficult to make a choice at the crossroads of that dark age, but in fact it is still the epitome of the core of the UK-Ireland relationship today. It is difficult to say that the Northern Ireland issue has been finally resolved, and Ireland’s GDP growth is the first in Europe. Today, Ireland is still It needs to consider its relationship with its millennial neighbor, the former ruler and oppressor, Britain, while looking to a new world to go its own way.

Black '47 quotes

  • Pope: Explain your total dependence upon the easiest grown staple known to mankind.

    Reporter on train: Potato was the only way to feed so many over limited acreage.

    Pope: Food for the contented slave, not the hardy and the brave.

  • Hannah: He pulled me out of an ambush. Just outside of Kabul. I thought I was finished. He was the best soldier I ever met. He never fought for the Queen though, just for his mates. Fucking Irish.

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