Houdini movie plot

2022-04-15 08:01
The male protagonist of this play is Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role Adrien Brody, based on a real historical story, about the American Magician and escape artist Houdini, who in the early 20th century was able to recover from various shackles and The saga of getting out of the container and becoming famous, Kristen Connolly plays Houdini's wife Bess. The plot of the series is compact, taking into account the biography of the documentary and entertainment. In the play, Brody not only perfectly reproduced Houdini's wonderful magic, there are also many love scenes, but he also showed his strong and good figure in the film without hesitation. Female audiences are blessed!
Magic master Houdini's 140th birthday, legendary life and death cause mystery
Harry Houdini The greatest Magician in the world. Harry Houdini developed a strong interest in magic as a child after watching a performance by the cruising Magician Lynn. In 1913, he performed the most famous stage illusion - escape from the water prison. He was tied up with hands and feet and hung upside down in a Chinese-style water prison made of clear glass and steel, filled with water. After 3 minutes, Houdini, who was holding his breath all the time, escaped from the water prison in full view. Since then, he has undisputedly earned the title of "Escape Master". 
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    A biography of legendary American magician and escape master Houdini, starring Adrien Brody and Kristen Connelly. He said I've been cheating all my life. The doctor said: No, I think you are the most real person I have ever met. Can making people happy count as fake? Does letting millions temporarily escape their troubles count as fake? In fact, everyone is escaping in their own way, but no one can really escape. Because there is nowhere to escape.

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    It can be seen that he has worked hard to get rid of the traces of the running account.

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