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2022-04-15 08:01
The story of "るろうに剣心伝説の Final Edition" is a continuation of the previous work "The Great Fire of Kyoto". The biggest gimmick of this film is that Masha, who only appeared as a guest in the second part for half a minute than Ko Kiyojuro, was in the third part. He became a key figure in the success or failure of the battle between Kenshin and Zhizhixiong. Masha's performance has become a major reason for audiences other than Kenshin fans to enter the cinema, especially the increase in the number of scenes in the third film, which is the biggest factor that directly triggered the high box office receipt of the film's premiere. Japan's Yahoo Movies gave the film a score of 3.37 on a 5-point scale. In the first half of the 135-minute film, it was accused of a protracted plot. The force of Zhi Zhixiong's ten generals, "Ten Swords", was greatly reduced. It turned out that Zhi Zhixiong, the villain, had one enemy against four. In theory, it seemed that there was no justice at all. However, the martial arts film follows Donnie Yen's friend Kenji Tanigaki for many years. The action design that incorporates the style of Hong Kong martial arts films in the fighting scenes is very exciting. The overall quality of the film is not bad, the star lineup is dazzling, and the viewability and entertainment are still very strong. of   .
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