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2022-04-15 08:01
  • In order to play a good role, Marie Run Takahashi had a two-month special training in Japanese dance before the start of filming. In addition, she also learned from scratch how to wear a kimono, how to speak and behave. She never smoked, and practiced under the ventilation fan in her kitchen with a pipe every day   .
  • When Marirun Takahashi was tormented by ulcerative colitis and was about to collapse, it was the role of Yumi that gave her the impetus to take part in the filming while dripping.
  • In a ten-minute scene in the film, Yusuke Iseya and Tanaka Min were filmed for three days, and Yusuke Iseya lost 5 kilograms after filming   .
  • On August 11, 2013, the film was filmed in the Yachiyoza, an ancient Japanese theater, Kumamoto Prefecture. The mascot of Kumamoto Prefecture, "Little Black Bear", also rushed to the scene that day, and imitated Kenshin's shape and dressed in red. After Kenshin, he enthusiastically asked to take a group photo with Sato   .
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    At the end of the trilogy, give it five stars, although the first one is better. Brother Bing, as expected of the eldest disciple who was personally whipped by Yukio Ninagawa, the great god of the stage play, and trained strictly, he was a seiyuu who ran through the whole scene, and filled the tragic character Zhi Zhixiong with his voice and lines. When the world is divided into two and the old and the new are in conflict, men use swords to chase and distribute power, but they often pretend to "protect women, protect their families and defend the country" in the name of "guarding women, defending their families and defending the country", and women act as scabbards behind their backs. , waiting, calling, waiting, soothing, opening, forgiving, healing... Every time I cry at the moment of blood and rain: don't kill, live. Shedaba is the sheath that is sealed on Hiicun's face and heart. Kaoru is the warm sheath of the world that has accompanied Hiimura throughout his life. As for the weight of life, the most moving lines in the whole play are the words of the master craftsman: 生きようとする will は よ り も strong い.

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  • Seijuro Hiko: Cherry blossoms in Spring. Stars cover the sky in Summer. Full moon shines in Autumn and in Winter, the snow covers the ground... All these things make sake taste good. If it tastes bad, it's because there is something wrong with you

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