The Great Raid behind the scenes gags

2022-03-20 08:01
  • Joseph Fiennes lost 20 pounds to star in the film. 
  • At the time of filming, the prototype of Captain Prince in the film was still alive, so James Franco met with the Prince who lived in Seattle and watched documentaries and interview videos from the 1940s. 
  • The filming of the film took a total of four months, and the rescue battle scene was filmed for a month and a half. In order to achieve the physical and mental appearance of a World War II officer, the crew hired a Vietnam War veteran for Benjamin Bratt and James Frank to be responsible for special training. , learn how to plan battles and give orders. 
  • On the eve of the filming, James Frank specially watched the 6-hour live-action interview video filmed by the director for Captain Prince, in order to try to figure out the character prototype's speech, demeanor and mentality when performing the rescue mission, so as to faithfully reproduce the heroic deeds of historical figures. 
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  • Brice 2022-03-21 09:03:30

    It's like a story-triggering game and everything seems to be set...

  • Adelbert 2022-03-25 09:01:23

    The sneak attack was good~

The Great Raid quotes

  • Lt. Colonel Mucci: I'm here to tell you men the latrine rumors are true. We finally got a mission worthy of Rangers. We're going to push through our frontlines right into the Japs' backyard and rescue 500 hundred American prisoners of war. Goin' to be a rough son of a bitch- a textbook-style raid that can only succeed through speed, surprise, and overwhelming firepower. Before you start congratulating yourselves, remember you haven't achieved a damn thing yet. You're the best-trained, least-proven battalion in this whole army. This is your one chance to do something about it, and I mean ONE chance. How you acquit yourselves over the next 48 hours will determine how you are judged for the rest of your lives- men worthy of serving in this army... or... an embarrassment that history and time will eventually forget. It's up to you. Now, I happen to think it's the former. That's why I'm accompanying you on this raid. There's not another group of men in this or any other army I'd sooner trust my life with. You're the finest, best-prepared soldiers this country has ever sent to war, and I expect you to PROVE it... IS THAT CLEAR?

    6th Ranger Battalion: YES, SIR!

  • 1st Sgt. Sid "Top" Wojo: Sir, it's your shot.

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