Black Coal, Thin Ice behind the scenes gags

2022-07-18 17:29
  1. "Black Coal" won a golden bear at the Berlin International Film Festival . Regarding the selection result, Tony Leung Chiu Wai , who was on the jury, said: "(Judging) everyone has the same opinion, and the whole process went smoothly."
  2. Liao Fan, the star of the film, won the Best Actor at the 64th Berlin Film Festival with this film.
  3. In the film, starring Liao Fan plays an experienced police officer, trying to gain 20 pounds for filming.
  4. The film was shot in Harbin, and the minus 30 degrees weather made the actors overwhelmed.
  5. Director Diao Yinan said that he heard about "Black Coal" many years ago, and thought the scene composed of these four words was extremely beautiful. Only got this title.
  6. The final script was selected and revised by Diao Yinan among three versions. According to his words, the first version was "extremely literary". 
  7. In the film, Kwai Lun Mei played the role of a glamorous and mysterious laundry woman rooted in a northern city. Regarding the relationship with Liao Fan, Kwai Lun Mei described it as "no matter what, even if it is a cliff, I have to jump off". Everyone said that "Black Coal" not only bloomed the warmest love fireworks in life, but also released their performance passion. 
  8. Before the film was released in China in March 2014, the script was leaked in advance on the Internet. 
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