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2022-04-09 08:01
"Black Mask" chooses urban superheroes as the theme. Although its demeanor and power may be exaggerated or even deified, it can undoubtedly satisfy the surreal fantasy of the general public under various pressures and lead to "spiritual resistance" to social contradictions; In addition to the actual combat, "Black Mask" also adds high-tech weapons such as firearms and explosions, and Black Mask's "hood + black + cloak" post-modern style, making it look like Batman and other American urban legends. Perhaps "Black Mask" has not yet been able to properly balance the tastes of Hong Kong and overseas markets, but it is better than putting on an "international" coat while allowing local heroes to retain their essence. As far as heroes are concerned, at least it can be accepted by more Western audiences.  
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Black Mask quotes

  • Cailyn: I knew you'd find me if I let myself be caught. I'm so glad you've come back to join us.

    Michael: [smiles] Come back? No Cailyn.

    Cailyn: It's your fate. No matter what, you're still one of us.

    Michael: [watching the children play at the park] If I told you there was a place for us outside of death, without all the killing... that you and I could leave it all behind, just by walking away... would you do it?

    Cailyn: [skeptically] Look Michael, let's not pretend we're like these people. We're killers.

    Michael: But not machines. Even a killer can choose not to kill.

  • Cailyn: [after stabbing Michael with a knife] That's from the Commander. He sent me to murder you...

    [holds out her hand to him]

    Cailyn: but this time, I can save you, if you'll just come back with me.

    Michael: There's more to life than just survival. I'd rather die than go back.

    Cailyn: We can start over when this is done, just like you said.

    Michael: I've got news for you Cailyn... it's never done.

    Cailyn: Michael, it is done, when we've made them pay.

    Michael: And just how do you propose doing that? By killing them all?

    Cailyn: Once we have the Crimewatch files, they will do whatever we want them to.

    Michael: I guess I was wrong. We thought we could help each other. Looks like we're both out of luck.

    [Michael flees from Cailyn]

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