Black Mask evaluation action

2022-04-09 08:01
"Black Mask" chooses urban superheroes as the theme. Although its demeanor and power may be exaggerated or even deified, it can undoubtedly satisfy the surreal fantasy of the general public under various pressures and lead to "spiritual resistance" to social contradictions; In addition to the actual combat, "Black Mask" also adds high-tech weapons such as firearms and explosions, and Black Mask's "hood + black + cloak" post-modern style, making it look like Batman and other American urban legends. Perhaps "Black Mask" has not yet been able to properly balance the tastes of Hong Kong and overseas markets, but it is better than putting on an "international" coat while allowing local heroes to retain their essence. As far as heroes are concerned, at least it can be accepted by more Western audiences.  
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Extended Reading
  • Chelsea 2022-04-10 09:01:09

    Revisiting the Hong Kong film, as soon as I saw "Producer: Xiang Huaqiang" at the beginning, the feelings of the rivers and lakes were immediately ignited. Although part of the plot was far-fetched and the special effects were rough, Yuan Heping's action design still looks sharp now, and the emotional drama also has a strong Tsui Hark. The style of martial arts is romantic, but it is still good-looking~ Liu Qingyun is really a treasure, black mouth and black face are full of joy, and occasionally he is jealous with Jet Li and acts like a spoiled child. He is a perfect match to death, and he grabbed the scene~

  • Michele 2022-04-10 09:01:09

    In fact, it has the taste of Hong Kong cult film! Anyway, it was very suitable for my appetite, especially for my appetite at that time, so that it was indelible.

Black Mask quotes

  • Inspector 'Rock' Shek: [after a 701 member cut off his own hand to break free of handcuffs] I had the key!

  • Michael: [after finding out something went wrong with his friend, Rock] Something's wrong! I'll go to save him.

    Tracy Lee: Are we going down the gutter?

    Michael: You can't go. It's too dangerous.

    Tracy Lee: Why?

    Michael: I can't let you take any more risks. If I don't come back in a half-hour, you should leave here at once.

    Tracy Lee: Wait. Let me look at your face.

    Michael: Why?

    Tracy Lee: Because you promised me that.

    Michael: You promise you'll keep this a secret?

    Tracy Lee: Promise. I won't even tell Tsui Chik, that nerd!

    [Tsui removes his mask, and it shocks Tracy. After showing some laughter, she hugs Tsui]

    Michael: I'm leaving.

    Tracy Lee: [shouts after Tsui] I'll wait for you for dinner!

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