Black Mirror movie plot

2021-10-13 18:32
"Black Mirror" is a 3-episode miniseries created by Charlie Brooke. Each episode is an independent story, with different actors, different story backgrounds, and even different real worlds, but they all revolve around today's life. If technology is a drug, it is indeed addictive. "Black Mirror" focuses the lens on the area between joy and anxiety. In the past 10 years, technology has changed every aspect of life. Every family, every table, every palm has a screen, a monitor, and a smartphone are all black mirrors that reflect current reality. People worship Google, Apple, Facebook, etc., thinking that they know themselves better than their parents. People can access all the information in the world, but they can't hold Weibo with more than 140 words in their minds. The play is a fusion of "Shadow Sun Demon World" and "Accidents". The film focuses on the insecurities of today's society and tells it in a sharp, suspenseful, and satirical story form.
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  • Wayne 2021-10-20 19:00:00

    Why do people say that the black mirror is good-looking, since I Darling said that I can find the princess in one hour after rolling the blessing, my heart is full of complaints.

  • Abby 2021-10-20 19:00:00

    1. The subject matter is bold, but the story is rigid. The political and social irony is too straightforward. The tied princess is so beautiful. 2. At the beginning, I still enjoy this novel technology flow of the future world and selfless love story, but the more I look at it, the more I find myself already Trapped in an inextricable sadness and sigh, especially in the end the glass knife that was once intended to be used for anti-antibody production turned out to be a prop to entertain the public. 3. Because the association is too deep, the abuse is completely suffocated... bravo

Black Mirror quotes

  • Kenny: [sobbing] They filmed me.

    Hector: Filmed you...

    Kenny: Through my computer camera.

    Hector: What, like, filmed you?

    Kenny: Yeah, like, you know, doing it.

    Hector: Like sex?

    Kenny: No. Like, you... you know.

    Hector: Jerking off. Jerking off to porn or something? Well, everyone does that. The fucking pope probably does that.

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