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2021-10-13 18:32
"Thor 2: The Dark World"has a "Dark World" subtitle. The poster is dark in color and layout. It seems a bit like a Hollywood movie that likes to explore the psychological dark side of superheroes. This is a superhero movie with a very enjoyable movie-watching experience, but it will not lack the big scenes of blasting the sky and the earth.
"Thor 2" is directed by Alan Taylor, the director of the American drama "Game of Thrones". The nearly two-hour film length is by no means lengthy. Although the film has a typical rhythm between cold jokes and fighting scenes, the jokes are not designed well. It's clichéd, and the fighting scenes are enough homework. In terms of roles, Thor’s younger brother Loki has played more than in the previous two movies. The role of brotherhood, father-son relationship, mother-child relationship makes this role more three-dimensional, even if " "Shake the Forest" Rocky played by Tom Hiddleston does not have Thor's Hammer, but by virtue of illusion and evil charm, he can easily steal the limelight of Thor played by Chris Hemsworth.
Compared with the naive Thor's first part, the overall effect of "Thor 2" is more mature. At the same time, it won't make the audience tired by playing too much like the same series "Avengers".
The opening of "Thor 2" used a very "Lord of the Rings" war scene to confess the grievances between God's Domain and the dark elves, but "Thor 2" did not deify these gods too much, explaining that they are no better than humans. A life span of five thousand years is not an immortal body. The dark elf's equipment is biased towards technology, spaceships, beam guns, ion cannons, etc., just like aliens in general science fiction themes. What's newer is that a kind of "black hole grenade" appeared in the film, and the visual effect is good.
One of the advantages of "Thor 2" is that the rhythm of the story advancement is very good, and there is almost no feeling of dragging. The small humorous jokes that appear in the film from time to time undoubtedly played a strong role in regulating. The surprise of the arrangement of the laugh points even felt like "Iron Man" first appeared. The main creator has set up laugh points for each of the main characters in the film, some of which have quite high hilarious indexes, including the unexpected appearance of "Captain America", Thor wants to take the subway to save the universe, and he is quite a domestic man to Thor's Hammer Processing methods and so on. This design surprised many viewers.
The two brothers "Thor" Chris Hemsworth and "Rocky" Tom Hiddleston also played in the film. Thor is as brave and fierce as always, and has fewer love scenes with his girlfriend played by Natalie Portman.
In comparison, "Rocky" Tom Hiddleston's acting skills are more three-dimensional than Thor. This character is also both good and evil. As the biggest villain in "The Avengers", he almost destroyed New York and was once bitten by the Hulk. In "Thor 2", he needs to join forces with Thor to prevent the universe from being destroyed, and the only thing that can touch him is his feelings with his adoptive parents. Tom Hiddleston handles this emotional line very affectionately.
Loki and Thor's cooperation, Thor actually doesn't believe him, and there is always a fight between the two. This line is funny, moves, and looks humorous. 
The first part of "Thor" is quite bad, it is nothing more than a hero who is in trouble, self-reflection while making a girl, and finally re-emerges as a superhero mode that saves the world. The plot is relatively procrastinated and boring, and the big scene is not new. I don’t know if it’s because the director of "Thor 2: The Dark World"changed from the first Kenneth Branagh to the director of the American drama "Game of Thrones". The film has achieved an all-round improvement in level. Unlike the first movie, it just made Thor blindly stupid. In the plot and action design, it showed more exciting highlights and delicate and thoughtful design, so that the whole The "IQ" of this film has increased by one level. The scene is also more grand and shocking, and there are many impressive and funny sections. It's just that the 3D effect still continues Marvel's usual pitfalls. Compared with the first movie, there is no improvement. There is basically no difference between wearing or not wearing 3D glasses.
"Thor 2" is more interesting and more exciting than the first in all aspects. First of all, the plot is more vivid, the story is stronger, with more twists and ups and downs, and the rhythm is also very compact, without muddy, thus showing a fascinating taste; the brotherhood of Sol and Rocky is not as much as expected. , But the plot and the emotional color are far superior to the hero and heroine's love rivals, and the "brotherhood" of the two has become an off-screen topic that surpasses the film and makes movie fans talk about it.
Secondly, the film has made reasonable adjustments to the style of action dramas that are more modern and exciting. The first part is basically the style of the war in ancient costumes. Both the good and evil wore ancient armors and used cold weapons to fight each other. It did not reflect the high-tech strength of the powerful alien races, especially those of Sol’s men in ancient costumes. Weapon is very stupid and "violating" when walking in the human town. The action style of the second part is obviously closer to the "Star Wars" mode that combines classical and high-tech. Although the alien races in the film are still armored weapons in ancient costumes, some weapons can emit lasers, and some The weapon has turned into a "light saber" form, and the dark elves also have a grenade that resembles a black hole effect, which makes the play style of the action scene less boring and exciting. Especially the Dark Elf’s interstellar battleship attack on the sanctuary and the ending battle of the Greenwich Observatory, not only showed the spectacular scenes that were not available in the first episode, but also the momentum of the giant interstellar battleship and the aerial combat of aircraft. The dazzling visual effects are completely " Star Wars is now a fan. And Thor is no longer in the first invincible state of "with a hammer in hand, invincible", whether it is a confrontation with a cursed warrior or Malkis, it is very difficult and dangerous. Especially in the end, the battle between Thor and Malkis was exceptionally wonderful and beautiful. In the effect of time-space distortion, the fight between the two switched in different time and space, and the visual impact was very strong. Even Thor's hammer flew around. Also designed a very delicate and wonderful sense.
In addition, the joy of "Thor 2" is also very successful. Presumably, many audiences have been amused by the scene where Rocky and Sol turned into a walk while walking; and the intern played by Kate Dalins, the star of the American drama "Sisters of Bankruptcy," as long as she appears on the stage, the iconic quick mouth The joy of adding poisonous tongue is indispensable. Even at the end of the war, the time and space controlled by the scientific device moved instantaneously, creating a lot of interesting bridges in the sense of tension. 
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