Bleeding Steel behind the scenes gags

2022-04-15 08:01
  • In a shootout scene, the crew spent more than a month building the scene and chose to shoot with real guns and live ammunition   .
  • At the time of filming, there were more than 40 real guns and 100 kilograms of TNT explosives were all shipped from the United States   .
  • When filming the scene of the shootout, Xiahou Yunshan was injured in the head. She held the gun in one hand and covered her head with the other and insisted to complete the filming   .
  • Before filming the scene at the Sydney Opera House, several doctors came to the hotel to give Jackie Chan a 45-minute physical examination and physical fitness test   .
  • Xiahou Yunshan completed all difficult action scenes without a substitute   .
  • In order to ensure the safety of the actors, everyone joined the group for training in advance, and Nana Ou-yang's legs were so sore that she could not walk normally after the training   .
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Bleeding Steel quotes

  • Andre: We have the same mechanical heart. But I am getting alive by my own cells. Thanks to Dr. James's blood, not only will I get my powers back, but your blood will give me the ability to regenerate. The world's first super bio-warrior.

    Nancy: My blood contains two sets of memories for 13 years. Those painful memories constantly tortured me day by day. You will have three memories once I pass them on to you. And believe me, you will go insane.

    Andre: No. You see this diverter here? It will remove all the impurities in your blood. Never again will I experience any more pain.

  • [last lines]

    Buyer: Price is no problem if you've got for me what you said in the e-mail. Come over to my office in Moscow. We'll talk. I'll send a plane for you.

    Leeson: Hey, man. Thank for openly discussing a price. Although it's a matter of trust. Sorry, I have a dinner date with Jackie Chan. Over.

    Buyer: Fuck!

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