Bleeding Steel movie plot

2022-04-15 08:01
In 2007, Dr. James studied Chemists with the support of the Peninsula Arms Dealers. During the research process, the first biochemical man, Andre, had a genetic mutation and went on a killing spree, killing the peninsula arms dealer and taking control of his organization. Dr. James narrowly escaped and had to seek police protection. Agent Lin Dong was not allowed to leave his dying young daughter Xixi to accept witness protection tasks. Andre escaped back to the biochemical human base after being seriously injured. Before his death, Dr. James poured his life efforts into Sixi's body, but Sisi was resurrected but lost his memory. Thirteen years later, the publication of a science fiction novel "Bleeding Steel" led to the organization of black-clothed cyborgs, the mysterious hacker Li Sen, and the incognito Lin Dong. All three forces began to approach the life of Xixi who lost her memory and wanted to get her. Bleeding Steel on his body   .
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  • Adeline 2022-04-20 09:03:00

    Even if he is slowed down by the years, Jackie Chan's accumulated experience, capital and film ideas are still enough to prop up a well-made commercial blockbuster. Miss Xiahou's agile skills, Luo Lixian's speeding stunts, and a long-shot fight on the spaceship. It's all point of view. Luo Zhixiang has become a comedy star after being trained by Xingye. Going back to Sydney, Australia, to set the scene, it is reminiscent of "A Good Man". Some scenes in the movie are a little bloody and not suitable for children.

  • Zelda 2022-04-20 09:03:00

    How can the story be so simple, so smooth, and so uninvolved, the only way for the director to create tension is to fight all the time, and the screenwriter. . . . I should have written a few words. I don't have any IQ at all. It's not as good as "Black Man 2" back then. PS: Who wants to watch Jackie Chan play gunfights!

Bleeding Steel quotes

  • Andre: We have the same mechanical heart. But I am getting alive by my own cells. Thanks to Dr. James's blood, not only will I get my powers back, but your blood will give me the ability to regenerate. The world's first super bio-warrior.

    Nancy: My blood contains two sets of memories for 13 years. Those painful memories constantly tortured me day by day. You will have three memories once I pass them on to you. And believe me, you will go insane.

    Andre: No. You see this diverter here? It will remove all the impurities in your blood. Never again will I experience any more pain.

  • [last lines]

    Buyer: Price is no problem if you've got for me what you said in the e-mail. Come over to my office in Moscow. We'll talk. I'll send a plane for you.

    Leeson: Hey, man. Thank for openly discussing a price. Although it's a matter of trust. Sorry, I have a dinner date with Jackie Chan. Over.

    Buyer: Fuck!

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