C'est la vie! evaluation action

2022-04-15 08:01
The film is a particularly successful comedy. It is very traditional, with a strong French style. In the fast-moving and confusing rhythm of the whole group, each character can fully collide, breaking out the bitter and self-deprecating sparks of the little people. The difference in values, the loss of the generation gap, and the difference in class all peeled off one after another in a wedding banquet, and flickered lightly in laughter. Throughout the whole film, there is no exaggerated character, and no plot is bloody, the succession and transformation are in a reasonable space, reflecting the richness and saltiness of life   .
The director of the film completed a dramatic scene construction within a limited time and space, and also portrayed a sufficiently brilliant group of characters. There are many successful examples in the history of film, and the setting of this film is much easier in comparison. Even though the characters have previous feelings, they have no grudges, and there is no life-threatening choice. The film's comedy sections are accumulated in an endless stream of accidents, including some romantic treatments, which make chaos and beauty form a contrast. The editing and sound effects of the film are wonderful. The too-intensive and noisy sense of lines in French comedies is also explained by the soothing soundtrack. The ending is a bit cliché, but with the stark performances of the main and supporting actors, it also gives the film a sense of helplessness of "this is life"  .
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  • Marcelino 2022-04-16 09:01:09

    At the beginning, I only saw the mentally retarded, and the groom went to the sky behind, side by side with the moon...

  • Amber 2022-04-15 09:01:08

    ... actually feel bored...

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