Blind Detective evaluation action

2022-05-16 20:45
The film can be classified as the third favorite in the list of 2013, even better than the Coen Brothers' "Drunken Country Ballad". The film has unlimited creativity, and the performance of the whole play is very cartoony, not a very serious film, and the way of performance is also very symbolic.  
The film is a "hodgepodge" comedy wrapped in food, pornography, and crime solving. Compared with "Detective", the movie character itself is very similar to the schizophrenic policeman in "Detective". Talented "genius", and "Blind Detective" is more like a joke version of "Detective".  
The film is very optimistic about the commercial prospects of this romantic crime comedy. Andy Lau and Mi, the very tacit big screen partners, are pleasantly surprised to work together again after many years.  
The film presents Johnnie To's classic "Police Reconstruction Theory". The arrogance and manipulative desire of the blind policeman make this Hong Kong policeman who should be politically correct a lot of shortcomings. Coupled with the cold humor and ridiculous scenes, it makes this kind of The "politically incorrect" story seems less serious.  
The film feels like a serious police and gangster film, but from the viewing experience, it is not a pure detective film, nor a pure comedy film, but a comedy wrapped in a detective film gimmick with all kinds of wonderful and good-looking commercial selling points. piece.
The film combines thriller, suspense, comedy, reasoning, action, love and other commercial elements, but the final screen effect is still mainly comedy. So whether it is for professional filmmakers or most audiences, "Blind Detective" is a Hong Kong-style film that combines multiple elements and turns corrupt into a magical film.  
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