Boys on the Side movie plot

2022-10-16 17:52
Robin was seriously ill, and in order to escape from his hometown, he recruited the same driver to go to Los Angeles. Singer Jane, who has always been unsuccessful, came to apply, and the two walked together. Jane takes Robin to find her friend Holly, only to witness her injuring her boyfriend at her apartment. So the three of them drove away. On the way, they learned that her boyfriend had died, and Holly could not return, so the three had to keep going. With the occurrence of one after another, the three women's feelings are also deepening day by day, which is a kind of deep sincerity that surpasses the love between men and women. Robin passed away in the warmth of friendship, and the remaining two will carry this precious friendship for the rest of their lives.
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Boys on the Side quotes

  • Massarelli, Prosecuting Attorney: Are you a lesbian too, Ms. Nickerson?

    Robin: No sir but at times I understand the inclination.

  • Holly: Oh, God. To think it's possible I killed my baby's daddy.

    Jane: "To think it's possible?" You hit him in the head with a baseball bat. He's dead.

    Holly: No, I mean, it's possible that Nick is the daddy.

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