Guarding Tess movie plot

2022-10-17 18:20
In the eyes of others, Doug ( Nicolas Kim Coppola Nicolas Cage) is engaged in a very exciting career - bodyguard, but only Doug himself understands how much this thankless job makes him feel Headache. It turned out that Doug was responsible for protecting the former first lady of the United States, Charles (Shirley MacLaine). After her husband died, the sad Charles only hoped to remain anonymous and live a normal life for ordinary people. Life.
In fact, Doug originally felt helpless that his colleagues could live and die by the president's side, while he could only protect a eccentric old woman. In order to get rid of the shackles of the guards, Charis can occasionally lead an ordinary life by herself, and often takes the opportunity to sneak away from them without noticing. Doug was dissatisfied with Charis' behavior. He couldn't bear the pressure of playing hide-and-seek with her all day long, so he asked his boss to leave Charis. And although she was verbally opposed to Doug's way of doing things, she actually trusted everything Doug did for her in her heart. Charlie's eccentric temper and frequent "missing" annoyed Doug, but over the years, Charlie developed a solid trust and sincere friendship with Doug. Just when Doug kept asking his boss to remove him from his post, a terrible incident that shocked the whole country happened, and Charles was kidnapped by gangsters. As her protector, Doug decides to do his duty, vowing to track down who's behind it.
Doug suspected that Driver was inseparable from the inside story of Charis' kidnapping, so he learned under violent coercion that the kidnapper was the leader of Driver's brother-in-law. Doug rushed to the scene after learning the news, brought the kidnappers to justice, and finally rescued Charis, who had been buried in the ground for more than 30 hours and was almost dying by relying only on an external catheter to survive.
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Guarding Tess quotes

  • Lee Danielson: [about Tess refusing Secret Service protection] She kicked us out of the house.

  • Doug Chesnic: Don't you see? If he is involved, then her life is worthless, you understand? They had to fucking kill her!

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