Brainstorm movie plot

2022-10-20 20:21
Genius scientists Lillian and Michael have invented a system capable of recording and replaying the actual experiences of others. Getting into the system means you can know what others are thinking and doing, and even repeat the experience. As a result, some people began to use it for some bizarre activities, and even the government used it to obtain military secrets. But it didn't stop there. Some people start to die mysteriously. Michael knew that to stop this runaway situation, he had to enter this state of change in the system, which put him at risk of death. Will Michael be able to thwart the conspirators' attempts with hard work. 
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Brainstorm quotes

  • Gordy Forbes: Hey, this is hot! It sure beats dirty magazines.

  • Karen Brace: Take a look.

    Dr. Michael Anthony Brace: Looks great. Sit, please.

    Karen Brace: Looks great. Sit, please.

    Dr. Michael Anthony Brace: Now just - empty your head.

    Karen Brace: Empty my head?

    Dr. Michael Anthony Brace: Okay, relax.

    Karen Brace: Empty my head and relax?

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