Breathe movie plot

2022-04-06 08:01
, 28 , suffers from polio. In an instant, this young man full of dynamism and motor cells was knocked down. He was paralyzed from the neck down, unable to breathe without a machine, and even unable to speak for a while. The future is so bleak that Robin even begs his wife Dianato let him end his life. Diana, now pregnant, refuses to give in to Robin's negative energy. Although the doctor diagnosed Robin with only 3 months to live, Robin did not believe his fate and made the decision to be discharged from the hospital together with his wife.
Robin is connected to a ventilator at home, surrounded by family and friends, including his wife's brothers Bloggs and David, and Oxford University professor Teddy. And it was Teddy who ended up inventing and building a wheelchair with a built-in respirator that allowed Robin to move and rescued him from the tedious life of perpetually lying in bed   .
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  • Milo 2022-04-06 09:01:07

    In the end, it is the first time to be a director, so greedy. Wanting to talk about everything, the result is that the topic is scattered, and nothing is said well. Garfield wants to use this kind of film to go to Austria? Still practicing for a few years.

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    Although it is warm and positive, the subconscious always pops up from beginning to end: it is good to have money.

Breathe quotes

  • Diana Cavendish: Bloggs told me the other day that all our friends were convinced I'd give up on you. Apparently they saw me as some kind of a pampered nitwit

    Robin Cavendish: Well, you are a pampered nitwit.

    Diana Cavendish: Oh, was I? Well, it didn't stop you running after me, did it?

    Robin Cavendish: Well, no. I've got nothing against nitwits, as long as they're pretty.

  • Robin Cavendish: Just think, all those affairs I could have had.

    Diana Cavendish: And me.

    Robin Cavendish: It's not too late for you.

    Diana Cavendish: Oh, isn't it? What, and come back and find you've popped off while I was out?

    Robin Cavendish: That would rather spoil the party, wouldn't it?

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