Wish Dragon evaluation action

2022-04-03 08:01
"Wish Dragon" successfully presented a Chinese business card to the world with its international vision and texture. The image of the dragon and the design of the teapot have Chinese cultural characteristics. What is particularly valuable is that, while crafting the widely known image of Guoman, among the high-rise buildings in Shanghai, the story of "Wish" is closely revolved around friendship, family affection, courage, kindness and other elements, cherishing family affection and Friendship is the existence of beauty and justice in the eyes of Chinese people, and it is also an expression of value that is unanimous in the hearts of global audiences. In fact, for more young or even young audiences, the favorite, naughty, and cute dragon must be the favorite. Shenlong is not only assisted by top animation technology, but also dubbed by Jackie Chan. It is a Chinese dragon with a world-class appearance. It is sometimes enthusiastic and sometimes arrogant. It will crave the deliciousness of shrimp sticks, and will also be curious about airplanes and air conditioners; From the beginning, it simply and rudely wants to complete the task quickly, and gradually understands the meaning of life. In traditional Chinese culture, the dragon itself has a special status, and the authentic oriental context also makes this story resonate with the audience from the very beginning.  
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  • Javon 2022-04-09 09:01:08

    The screenwriter doesn't understand China? Suburban big house... primary school classroom decoration

  • Rosalind 2022-04-04 09:01:08

    This movie is surprisingly good. Regardless of style or plot. Who will laugh when Si Qi becomes Si Cong, haha.

Wish Dragon quotes

  • Long: Din!

    [looks around in confusion]

    Long: Whats happening?

    Pipa God: Welcome Longzhu.

    Long: What's going on? Where am I?

    Pipa God: Congratulations! Your service as a Wish Dragon is complete.

    Long: Complete? But I haven't finished, I haven't finished my tenth master!

    Pipa God: You have put the needs of another before yourself, and shown us that you understand the meaning of life. You are now free to enter the spirit world

    [Spirite world doors open and trumpets sound and confetti sticks to Long]

    Long: Is that... a parade?


    Pipa God: In your honor.

    Long: No no no! I can't! I have to go back!

    Pipa God: Back?

    Long: Turn me back into a Wish Dragon, I have one more wish to grant!

    Pipa God: Th-that's ridiculous, the laws of heaven forbid it.

    Long: You're ridiculous! You're an old man in a skirt!

    Pipa God: This isn't a skirt!

    Long: Send me back!

    Pipa God: [Pipa God plays his instrument and the doors to the spirit world close and the parade disappears behind them] You dare reject the will of the Gods?

    Long: Fine, if you won't send me back, I'll do it myself!

    [Starts digging into the clouds]

    Pipa God: Stop that!

    Long: [Continues to dig into the clouds] Stupid clouds! Ah!

    Pipa God: Stop! Stop that this instant!

    Long: Ah! My friend needs me!

    Pipa God: Fine! We will permit you to return, but only under one condition.

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