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2022-04-03 08:01
On May 28, 2020, the film "Wish Dragon" announced the first Chinese trailer of " what you want to do"   ; on September 26, the protagonist "Shenlong" of the film made a live appearance at the 37th Weifang International Kite Festival   ; October 19 On   November 20, the film released a finalized poster   ; on November 26, the film released a set of "overjoyed" posters   ; on December 11, the first Chinese dubbing trailer was released, and Chinese Dubbing lineup   ; on December 22, a customized trailer for "Civilized Viewing Movies" was released   ; on December 25, the film released a "Good Luck Surrounding" version of the poster   ; "   ; on December 31, the trailer for the "New Year's Wish" version was released   .
On January 1, 2021, the movie "Wish Dragon" premiered in Beijing   ; on January 4, the film released an exclusive poster for CGS China's giant screen   ; on January 5, an exclusive poster for IMAX was released   ; on January 7, the filmmaker released The final notice   ; on January 8, the film side released a poster of congratulations on the New Year   ; on January 11, the film side released the "tornado good luck" poster   . On January 12, the film side released a dubbing special   ; on January 13, the film released the feature clip of "The Temptation of Wishes"   ; on January 15, the film side released a behind-the-scenes special   . On January 18, the filmmaker released the feature clip of "Going Home Together"   .
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  • Myrtice 2022-04-03 09:01:12

    New Year's Day to see the point screen. It is to transplant the story of "Aladdin's Lamp" to China. Jackie Chan dubbing Shenlong is quite funny. Shenlong came to modern times, a bit like "Chen Huansheng Going to the City", and died of laughter. Looking forward to the sequel!

  • Lois 2022-04-09 09:01:08

    The dragon is so cute! ! !

Wish Dragon quotes

  • Long: Din!

    [looks around in confusion]

    Long: Whats happening?

    Pipa God: Welcome Longzhu.

    Long: What's going on? Where am I?

    Pipa God: Congratulations! Your service as a Wish Dragon is complete.

    Long: Complete? But I haven't finished, I haven't finished my tenth master!

    Pipa God: You have put the needs of another before yourself, and shown us that you understand the meaning of life. You are now free to enter the spirit world

    [Spirite world doors open and trumpets sound and confetti sticks to Long]

    Long: Is that... a parade?


    Pipa God: In your honor.

    Long: No no no! I can't! I have to go back!

    Pipa God: Back?

    Long: Turn me back into a Wish Dragon, I have one more wish to grant!

    Pipa God: Th-that's ridiculous, the laws of heaven forbid it.

    Long: You're ridiculous! You're an old man in a skirt!

    Pipa God: This isn't a skirt!

    Long: Send me back!

    Pipa God: [Pipa God plays his instrument and the doors to the spirit world close and the parade disappears behind them] You dare reject the will of the Gods?

    Long: Fine, if you won't send me back, I'll do it myself!

    [Starts digging into the clouds]

    Pipa God: Stop that!

    Long: [Continues to dig into the clouds] Stupid clouds! Ah!

    Pipa God: Stop! Stop that this instant!

    Long: Ah! My friend needs me!

    Pipa God: Fine! We will permit you to return, but only under one condition.

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