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2022-04-03 08:01
The spirit of "Private Life" is closer to that of another New York sketch " Frances Ha ", which focuses on the living conditions of young women in literature and art. Although it is not as profound and heavy, it does not have the lightness and fun of having fun through hardships. Shenghui's energy is also filled with compassion. Although the protagonists of the film Richard and Rachel abused them thousands of times in their lives, fortunately they have their own humorous temperament and humorous cells.
The film is exactly the kind of humor that the protagonists share that is not worn away by suffering, which makes the suffering itself seem comical. Humor is not only an aesthetic attitude, but also a life attitude. It not only dismantles suffering, but also serves as a protective pad for the disadvantaged. Humor is often the twin sister of love. Joy in bitterness and tears in laughter are because there are people or dreams that you want to protect. There is still love between Richard and Rachel, they use humor to relax each other, understand that being able to rely on each other is happiness, and love can help them get through difficult times.  
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Private Life quotes

  • Dr. Dordick: Alright, let's get pregnant, shall we?

  • Richard Grimes: Actually, we wanted to ask you about your eggs.

    Sadie: Scrambled is good, but however you guys do them is fine with me.

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