Breathless movie plot

2022-10-24 10:39
Jesse (Richard Gere played by Richard Gere) is a rebellious and maverick young man who lives a bohemian life. Jesse stole a car in Las Vegas and had a firefight with the police. In an accident, Jesse killed a police officer and became a wanted man. In desperation, Jesse had to embark on a journey of escape, and his destination was Los Angeles.
In Los Angeles, Jesse finds the girl she met before, Monica (Valérie Kaprisky). Jesse, who falls in love with Monica at first sight, hopes that the former can go to live in Mexico with him. Monica was born into a very conservative family and lived a routine life, and Jesse's bold advice made her heart beat. However, in the end, Monica discovered Jesse's wanted notice and realized that she had been with a murderer. In a panic, Monica called the police   .
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Breathless quotes

  • Jesse Lujack: I say Monica, you ever been to Mexico, honey?

    Jesse Lujack: I say Monica, darlin', you coming to Mexico with me?

    Jesse Lujack: Monica, you coming to Mexico with me!

    Jesse Lujack: Me and Monica!

    Jesse Lujack: Cos I'm gonna tell you how it's gonna be!

    Jesse Lujack: Mon-Monica and me!

    Jesse Lujack: Me and Monica! Yeah, me and Monica go to Méjico!

  • Paul: You've heard of Frank Lloyd Wright? This is Frank Lloyd Wrong.

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