The Thorn Birds movie plot

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Meggie's family lives in New Zealand. Her father makes a living shearing the family's wool. But this year, her father lost his job. When the family was worried, they received a letter from their aunt from Australia. It turned out that the aunt was very old and was going to let them inherit the inheritance. After some turbulence, the Meggie family set foot on the Australian mainland and came to Drogheda. As soon as she appeared, Meggie caught the attention of Father Ralph, who was very fond of the girl.
Father Ralph was Irish and was sent to Drogheda by the Catholic Church to serve as a priest. He was a tall, handsome man, elegant, kind, and ambitious. Aged is still an ordinary clergyman. Because Meggie's aunt was Drogheda's richest widow, he had to deal with her often, and actually hated her. Meggie's aunt is very jealous after seeing Ralph's special attitude towards little Meggie, and decides to seek revenge.
The Meggies settled in Drogheda, they quickly settled in and fell in love with their new life here, and they developed a close friendship with Father Ralph. As Meggie grew up year after year, her relationship with Ralph deepened, and Ralph became not only a teacher she could trust, but a friend she could talk to, all because Meggie was rich and surly The aunt looked at it and hated it in her heart.
The opportunity finally came when Meggie's aunt finally died when Meggie was 17 years old. Before she died, she handed Father Ralph a letter that he swore to open when she was buried, and Ralph agreed. However, when he opened the envelope, he was stunned. It turns out that Meggie's aunt is far richer than people think. In her letter, she declared that her entire fortune amounted to £13 million, and that she had made a will to leave the property to the Meggie family, but now she has changed her mind and she dedicated them to the Catholic Church, claiming it was due to Lal Because of the excellent work of Father Husband, the property will always be managed and controlled by Ralph, and the Meggies can live in Drogheda, but Ralph decides how much to pay.
Ralph was very contradictory after seeing it: if he put this unknown new will into the fire, the Meggie family could inherit the entire estate, but he would lose this rare opportunity and never have any hope of promotion; If he publishes this new will, he will surely be valued and promoted by the church, but the power of the Meggie family will be taken away. After much hesitation, Ralph finally surrendered to his ambitions, published his will, and left Derriheda and Meggie.
The Meggies moved into the large house where their aunt lived, redecorated it to their liking, and from then on they would live here permanently as custodians of the Drogheda Ranch. Ralph sent them enough money to make a good living, and Meggie's mother changed her mood and became happy. But the joy was fleeting when she read in the newspapers that her eldest son, Frank, was sentenced to life in prison.
Meggie's dad Paddy was caught in a storm while relocating a flock in the wild, and a fire caused by lightning quickly devoured the long-arid grasslands, as well as Meggie's dad and the flock. At this time, one of her older brothers was also stabbed to death by the tusks of a wild boar. While the whole family was in mourning, Father Ralph came back and hurried away after burying the dead. He told Meggie that although he loved her very much, he would never be able to marry her. Soon he was promoted to bishop.
Meggie's family hired a new shearer named Luke. Luke looked like Father Ralph, which made Meggie upset. Under Luke's pursuit, Meggie finally married him and left Drogheda. Luke doesn't love Meggie, just because Meggie is rich, he plans to use Meggie's money plus his hard-earned money to buy a ranch. Therefore, shortly after the marriage, he took Meggie to Queensland. While he went to cut sugar cane, he let Meggie do housework for others, and put all Meggie's money in the bank.
Luke refused to meet Meggie in order to make money, and even when she had her first child, he refused to come back to see her and the child. At this time, Ralph came to Meggie's side. His feelings for Meggie never changed, but this feeling also made him feel pain from time to time. He finally couldn't control his feelings and spent them at the seaside with Meggie. The happiest time of my life.
Ralph left Meggie, who was pregnant with his child, in order to take on a more important role in Rome. Meggie therefore decides to leave Luke and return to Drogheda to live with her mother. There she gave birth to Ralph's child, whom she named Dane.
Meggie's mother saw at a glance that Dane was Ralph's child. She understood her daughter's actions very well, because she had loved someone herself and gave birth to the eldest son Frank with him. After the incident, she was banished from her family before marrying Meggie's father Paddy.
Meggie lives well in Drogheda with her mother, daughter, and son, and daughter Justine and son Dane have grown up. Because Justine is maverick and is Luke's child, Meggie doesn't like her very much, and puts all her emotions on her son Dane, from Dane she sees Ralph's figure.
At this time, "World War II" broke out, and Ralph had also been promoted to cardinal. He used religious influence in the war to save Rome and was praised by people. But deep down in his heart, Meggie has always been his concern.
Meggie's daughter grew up as an actress, was active in Australia and the UK, became a stage star, and eventually married a German cabinet minister. But Dane offered to be a priest, which was a heavy blow to Meggie, and after much deliberation, she sent Dane to the seminary in Rome and let Ralph take care of him. Ralph and Dane got along well, but it didn't last long, and Dane drowned in the sea due to a heart attack while swimming.
All this made Meggie have a new understanding of life, "Everything is caused by me, I don't blame anyone, I can't have a moment's remorse". 
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The Thorn Birds quotes

  • Meggie Cleary: Oh, go away! I can't bare to look at you anymore! And there's one thing you've forgotten about your precious roses, Ralph, they've got nasty *hooky* thorns!

  • Ralph de Bricassart: What kind of man is this Luke O'Neill, who roams about and doesn't even make a home for Meggie?

    Fiona 'Fee' Cleary: The ambitious kind.

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