Bus Stop movie plot

2022-06-28 14:31
Don Murray, a young and vigorous cowboy, took a bus with his more socially experienced friend Arthur O'Connell to participate in the national cowboy competition. On the way, he found the show girl Marilyn Monroe in the hotel. Immediately start a passionate pursuit. But his rude and rude way of showing love is abrupt to the beauty, making her try her best to escape the cowboy's proposal. Finally, at the bus stop, the cowboy was beaten up by a friend, so he changed his style to win the heart of the lady.
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Bus Stop quotes

  • Chérie: He called me an ignorant hillbilly. How do you like that?

    Vera: Well, ain't ya? I don't mean ignorant. I mean, but you do come from the Ozarks.

    Chérie: I ain't sung hillbilly since I was... Well, not since I turned chantooze. I've been tryin' to be somebody.

  • Saloon Manager: What's goin' on in here?

    Vera: She's changing into her costume. You want her to go out there naked?

    Saloon Manager: [to Chérie] Get out there and take care of them tables. Come on, Dinah Shore. Them cowboys is gettin' real lonesome.

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