Calvaire movie plot

2022-03-21 08:01
The middle-aged man mentioned to him at dinner that his romantic wife, who had abandoned him, was also a singer, and promised him that he would find someone to fix his car the next day.
As the singer prepares to go out for a walk under the grey sky at dawn, his boss warns him not to deal with other people. The singer walked down the country road and saw a mysterious and grotesque scene outside a dilapidated cowshed: a man was having sex with a lying cow, and the audience was surrounded by a few eccentric people with expressionless faces, one of whom was pregnant. Holding a pig.
The singer fled away in a hurry. After returning to the hotel, the boss said that the car could not be repaired, and he had to wait for someone to repair it tomorrow, so that the singer would wait another day. Then the two quarreled and the singer was knocked unconscious by the boss and set the car on fire.
The singer woke up to find himself wearing a bra, a woman's floral dress, his hair shaved ugly, his hands and legs tied to a chair, he couldn't break free and cried in despair. The sky was getting darker and darker, seeming to obscure all hope.
In the evening, the boss excitedly called his wife's name and slept happily with the singer in his arms.
The next day, the boss put the singer with his hands tied behind the farm machine, and he drove to the forest to chop down the Christmas tree . When the boss was cutting down the tree hard, the singer saw the opportunity and ran into the forest. He ran and ran desperately, tripped over a wire in the depths of the woods and couldn't break free. He fell on the mud floor and sobbed sadly, falling into despair again. Then the demented man who was looking for dogs found him and took him under the tree shed. At dawn, the boss drove by here, the dementia man happily told the boss to take his wife home.
The strange group of people in the cowshed stood in the distance, looking at the boss like a snowman, and obviously they saw the singer in the red dress.
At night, the boss and the demented man celebrated Christmas together, eating and drinking. The two men were very excited. Suddenly, a gunshot rang out from the window. The demented man was hit and died. The boss picked up the gun and prepared to fight the outsiders. There are many outsiders with many guns, and eventually the boss is killed. The singer thought he was saved, but the leader of the group called the boss's wife's name and pressed him with a gun; why did they abandon me?
When the singer followed them out the door, he found an opportunity to flee in a hurry. Pass through the castle, cross the icy river, and escape to the depths of the forest. In the rainy and snowy forest, he saw a Calvaire, and several crows full of horror and mystery circled in the sky. The singer still took the difficult steps to the depths of the jungle.
The group chased before Calvaire, and one person said: Further ahead is the swamp.
The leader insisted on going after him, and the others backed off.
The woods were full of swamps, the singer stretched out his hands stiffly, his feet staggered, and the legs tucked into the red dress became more and more stiff and slender.
When the leader was about to catch up with the singer, he suddenly sank into a swamp. He called the boss's wife's name in pain and asked, "Have you ever loved me? Have you ever loved me?"
At the moment when he was about to lose his head, the singer walked to the edge of the swamp with difficulty, and spit out two words to him sluggishly and rigidly: Loved!
The camera swayed back and forth on the pale, dark and hopeless swamp, only to see heavy snow, sparse and bleak trees, crows flying eerily, the swamp glowed with a bleak white light, and no one was seen.
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  • Zechariah 2022-03-26 09:01:14

    Hmm, it's a bit bloody perverted.... about the sins of a man and the last... a film about human nature, it's not suitable for us

  • Adam 2022-03-25 09:01:23

    Actually I didn't get it..

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