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2022-03-18 08:01
·The filming crew of the film is very large, with as many as 26 main actors, 120 supporting characters and 8,000 extras. In order to draw prisoner tattoos for actors, makeup artists and art directors have designed 700 different patterns.
·Some of the scenes of the film were filmed on the spot in Carandilu Prison. This is the first time in Brazil's history that such a large-scale film crew has been stationed in a working prison. In late 2002, the prison announced its closure. Although this film is not a documentary, it also faithfully records life in prison, which makes it even more meaningful.
This is Babank's third filming of a prison story after "Pixote" and "". He said that he used prison as a metaphor for a situation where there is no escape, the most extreme situation that human beings can live in. In prison, most of man's activities are severely restricted and suppressed, and he has to muster up all his courage to fight for survival. Here, it is not enough to just suffer the punishment, one must fight for life. "This film is about how those who have lost their freedom, while watching their personal space shrink, can establish a new code of conduct that protects their integrity as a collective." He emphasized that it was a fictional film based on real events.
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  • Vilma 2022-03-18 08:01:01

    The group drama, the first half is interspersed with the explanations of different prisoners' pre-prison experiences, and the society is condemned with very typical Brazilian movie logic... But more pen and ink are devoted to the importance of reasonable prison management... Dirty and messy The environment is too familiar, like a university dormitory, and it is at the level of Huazhihui Diliao...Choose roommates, join clubs, watch cultural performances, department leagues, circulate small yellow books, and have sex, which is also related to the university's extracurricular activities. No difference

  • Anya 2022-03-18 08:01:01

    The movie of more than 2 hours is not boring at all, and these prisoners are super interesting, they should get the best ensemble play, each of the actors is full of personality, when you see their cute and sad side, you are turned to be Their cold-blooded and violent side is shocked, and the massacre at the end has been staged countless times in this civilized era, a satire of human nature.

Carandiru quotes

  • Lady Di: I've come to take the test.

    Médico - Physician: Please, take a seat. First, I'd like to ask you a few questions, Lady Di.

    Lady Di: I've seen this movie before, doctor. I've never needed a blood transfusion and I never pierce my veins. The only drug I use is a joint now and then... when I watch TV or for a little romance.

    Médico - Physician: And partners, how many?

    Lady Di: Oh, about 2000.

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